Alien Mail Order Bride: Dawn

My career had gone up in flames. It made no difference that I was innocent; I was tarred and feathered (thankfully not literally, but I wouldn’t have put it past some of the townsfolk) along with the mayor and entire town council. My reputation preceded me to the next town over, and the one after that — even the next state.

So what’s a gal to do? With no chance for a job, I looked to the stars. More specifically, across the universe, to be a mail order to a race of aliens desperately needing women.

Picking the first alien male I matched with on the dating app probably isn’t the best idea, but I don’t have a lot of other options in my life. But then I meet him. My new husband. Relek, head of the planet’s Security Force. He’s unbelievably tall, immeasurably handsome, and did I mention a hell of a good kisser?

I need to figure out life on a new planet, but that’s difficult when all I want to do is practice baby-making with my new husband…