Faced with magic, it helps to be Resilient…

Ex-military medic Kell Somersall loves his private security job with the Rycroft Group. Consistent employment by a billionaire that pays really well, the ability to carry guns, and working with his friends and former teammates. Oh yeah, and the fact that he now has magical superpowers. Sure, his ability is only enhanced hearing and nothing flashy, but it still makes life interesting. So when his job takes him to a remote jungle, the last thing he expects is an adorable, brave, American tourist in the middle of everything.

Gwen Laurent was looking to get away from it all, and eco-tourism in a rainforest seemed like a good idea — up until goblins straight from fairy tales come running up to her cabin. She picks up arms against the goblins, happily so when she sees an attractive military man as part of the group attacking the goblins. The tiny sidearm she’s using is no match for the energy weapons used by the goblins, and even with the handsome man at her side, and she is injured before being whisked away to safety.

After eavesdropping enough to hear of a magical elixir that could heal her injuries, Gwen takes it upon herself to drink it. She hadn’t heard enough to know that it would be giving her a magical ability. So when more goblins come to attack, she’s as surprised as anyone when snowballs and icicles start shooting out of her fingertips.

Kell needs to help Gwen learn how to use her new powers, which is difficult when they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Toss in the Rycroft Group needing to figure out the source of the goblins, and Kell and Gwen have a lot going on — in and out of bed.